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Return to Play Guidelines
Posted Jul 7, 2020

The NFL Flag NJ administrative team and coaching staff have implemented the following guidelines for all participants.

● Players and Coaches must conduct daily medical self-evaluation. Anyone who experiences COVID-19 related symptoms must stay home.
● Players must bring and use their own mouth guards and water bottles. It is also recommended that players bring football gloves to wear throughout the session.
● When not engaged in drills or competitive exercises, players and coaches must maintain proper social distancing practices.
● No handshakes or "high-fives" will be permitted.
● Players are required to wear masks except while engaging physical activity.
● Coaches must wear masks when providing direct instruction to players.
● Players may use the sanitizer stations prior to each session, and immediately after the session concludes.  Hand sanitizer is available at the facility.
● Players are not allowed to chew gum or spit on the field.
● No congregating on the field by parents or family members. Only players and coaches are allowed on the turf field.  Parents must remain outside the fenced areas and maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

COVID-19 Guidelines, Printable Form (Please print, sign and bring on day one)

Athlete Daily Admittance Ticket (Please print, fill out and bring every day)

New Jersey Department of Health - Guidance for Sports Activities