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SPRING Season Specifics & Frequently asked questions...

1)  What is the registration fee?

  • Standard Fee (closes 8/29) - $205.00 

 *Family discount - $20.00 off for each addtional child.

Fees cover one official NFL Football reversible jersey & flag belt (yours to keep), field usage, coaching instruction, game officials & insurance.

2)  How is the program stuctured?

Our program combines important football skill develpment with fun-filled NFL flag football games. 

Phase 1 (Week 1) - Pre-season / skill development period.  The coaches will work with the players to develop skills in passing, receiving, ball handling, snapping, pass coverage - as well as many other areas.  Teams will be formed, and the rules of NFL Flag Football will be taught.

Phase 2 (Weeks 2-6) - Regular NFL Flag Season.  Each team will play one game per Sunday.

Phase 3 (Weeks 7-8) - Playoff tournament.  Teams will be seeded based upon regular season records - with top 4 teams entering a playoff bracket.  Teams that don't make the top 4 will play fun and competitive games vs. teams with similar records.

3)  How is the game played?

  • NFL Flag Football is the popular 5 vs. 5 (or 6 vs. 6) game of non-contact football - filled with action & strategy.  Running and passing plays are allowed, although there are "no running zones" at mid-field and near each Goal Line.  The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer, and grabs flags to make "tackles".  More details of the game will be explained during the preseason - and at least one scrimmage will be played before Phase 2 begins.  See the link to the NFL Flag Official Rulebook.

4)  Field Location & Season Schedule.  

  • All games played at DELBARTON SCHOOL - Varsity Football Field (Turf) or South Gate Fields (Grass) - located in Morristown, NJ.  For directions and campus map please see link below... DELBARTON SCHOOL DIRECTIONS
  • The program will run from September 12 - November 7.  This includes the following 8 Sundays...SEPTEMBER 12, 19, 26  OCTOBER 10,17 ,24 ,31 & NOVEMBER 7. 
  • The duration of practices / games is one hour.

5)  How are teams formed?  

  • There are 2 ways for a player to be placed on a team. 
    • 1)  Register as part of a "pre-formed" team.  Each player will need to register online independently, but will indicate on the registration form that they are a a part of a pre-formed team.  Each pre-formed team can have a maximum of 12 players.  
    • 2)  Register as an "independent".  Teams will be formed from the pool of independent registrants.

6)  Who coaches the teams?

  • Pre-formed teams are encouraged to provide their own coaches (parent volunteers). Other teams are coached by parent volunteers and/or employed coaching staff (made up of Delbarton varsity football players).  We encourage parents to volunteer and help coach their child's team.  Additionally, the league will provide coaches where needed. 
  • NOTE:  All parent-volunteers will be required to fill out an on-line background check, and take the Rutgers SAFETY course on youth coaching fundamentals.  

7)  What are the age groupings (Divisions)?  

  • Pre-K / Kindergarten - SKILL DEVELOPMENT CLINIC - (participants should be 5 years old by the start of the season)
  • 1st / 2nd Grade
  • 3rd / 4th Grade
  • 5th / 6th Grade
  • 7th / 8th Grade
  • High School Girls

Teams & roster spots will be determined on a first come, first serve basis.  This is a Co-ed Program...both boys & girls are encouraged to participate!

8)  What time slot will my child play in each Sunday?  

  • PreK / Kindergarten CLINIC--->      10:30-11:30 AM
  • 1st / 2nd Grade ---------------->          11:45-12:45 PM
  • 3rd / 4th Grade --------------->            1:00-2:00 PM
  • 5th / 6th Grade ---------------->           2:15-3:15 PM
  • 7th / 8th Grade ----------->                 2:15-3:15 PM
  • High School Girls ----------->             3:30-4:30 PM

NOTE:  These are preliminary timeslots...and may be subject to adjustment (by one hour either way) based on registration numbers for each Division.  Official timeslots will be posted when registration is closed-out on August 31.  

9)  Are there any size or weight restrictions?

  • There are no size or weight restrictions.

10)  Are games played in all weather conditions?

  • Light to moderate rain will not deter the games and/or practices from occuring.  If a cancellation must occur due to dangerous weather / unplayable conditions, all participants will be alerted via e-mail / text at least one hour before game time.  A Rain-Date is reserved for Sunday, November 14 if needed.